• Making products in America creates and sustains the American workforce and our economy. The BBAC encourages and supports manufacturers of American building products.
  • BUY
    • Buying American products strengthens American manufacturers and our economy. The BBAC registers American products used in permanent structures and dwellings. Registered America products are then used in homes and structures to qualify for BBAC Structure Certification.
    • Building a permanent structure or dwelling with American products improves communities and provides jobs, strengthening the economy locally and nationally. The BBAC empowers builders, contractors and individuals with the expertise needed to create BBAC Certified homes and structures.
  • LIVE
    • Living in a American Made Home proves a commitment to our economy, community and the American workforce. The BBAC certifies homes and structures made with American products. The BBAC provides the cornerstone of patriotism; when officially BBAC Certified, the value of the structure becomes an undeniable asset.
Building with American products encourages the use of local vendors, promotes community and increases pride in America.
Spending just 5% more on American products creates and sustains thousands of jobs and strengthens the economy locally and nationally.
Using local vendors helps reduce the building industry’s carbon footprint creating a cleaner, more sustainable future.