Without a doubt, a stronger domestic economy builds a better nation. The Building a Better America Council (BBAC) is a non-profit organization that uses a custom registration process to identify construction products that are made in America.

We invite you to partner with the BBAC to help us build a stronger America! Our sponsorship opportunities offer wonderful benefits at varying levels sure to fit within any company’s budget. You’ll gain unique opportunities to promote your company and/or products directly to consumers and builders.

The BBAC is gearing up to launch the only program of its kind in the nation – the BBAC Structure Certification program. Builders who apply for the certification must meet the minimum BBAC requirement by utilizing 97% in America made products in their construction project. Statistics show current construction utilizes only 40-70% American made products. Our program creates a huge market and increased demand for American made construction products and services.

BBAC Product SealThrough a registration process, the BBAC identifies American made construction products. Registered products and/or its packaging carry the BBAC seal for easy identification by builders and consumers. BBAC Product Seals are a powerful marketing tool to distinguish these American made products and reach consumers who are actively looking to purchase domestic products.

The push for purchasing America made products is more than a trend, it is a growing Movement! Take advantage of this new consumer mindset – Join the BBAC Today!

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