The Building a Better America Council (BBAC) is dedicated to promoting the manufacturing, purchase and use of American made products in the construction industry. As a non-profit organization, we rely on donations from our members and supporters. To make a donation please use our paypal button below, or make a donation online through our online payment gateway. It is our mission to create American jobs, bolster the American economy and reduce the building industry’s carbon footprint. Learn more about our mission.

The BBAC offers the only national program of its kind – BBAC Structure Certification. Builders seeking certification must meet the minimum requirements including utilizing 97% American made products in the structure. Manufacturers submit their American made products to the BBAC for review through an application process. Products meeting the Federal Trade Commission’s Made in the USA Standards are registered with the BBAC as American made products.

Most homes are currently built using less than 70% American made products. Calculations show that if builders increase those numbers by just 5% it would create thousands of jobs and millions of dollars for the economy. Builders who have joined the BBAC have made a commitment to increase their utilization of at least 5% more American made products.

Take pride in living in America!

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