The Building a Better America Council (BBAC) is dedicated to promoting the manufacturing, purchase and use of American made products in the construction industry. It is our mission to create American jobs, bolster the American economy and reduce the building industry’s carbon footprint. Learn more about our mission.

Builders play a critical role in helping us realize our mission. Currently, most construction projects utilize 40% to 70% American made products. By switching your purchases to incorporate just 5% more American made products, you help create thousands of jobs and add millions of dollars to the American economy.

Make a commitment to increase the amount of American made products you use on your projects by at least 5% and join the BBAC today! Your membership connects you to consumers through our online directory. In addition, you’ll have the benefit of applying for our exclusive BBAC Structure Certification Program, garnering recognition of your efforts and creating a selling point for new projects.

Take pride in Building a Better America!

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