The Building a Better America Council’s (BBAC) mission is to encourage and promote the manufacturing, purchase and use of American made products in the construction industry. It is our goal to connect manufacturers of American made products with consumers, builders, retailers and distributors throughout the country.

We are committed to increasing the creation of American jobs, bolstering and strengthening the American economy, while reducing the building industry’s carbon footprint leading to a more sustainable environment.

Less than 70% of current construction projects utilize products manufactured, finished or assembled in the United States. By increasing that number as little as 5%, Boston Consulting Group calculations show approximately $4 billion of incremental value is added, supporting 60,000 to 65,000 direct manufacturing jobs. According to their research, for every one direct job created, three incremental secondary jobs created.

BBAC members make a commitment to purchasing at least 5% more American made products for their construction products or just support our mission. The BBAC Structure Certification program takes it a huge step further by requiring applicants to utilize at least 97% American made products to receive certification. Become a part of the movement to bring jobs back to America and strengthen the economy – Join the BBAC Today!


Gerald Rowlett – President, Co-Founder
Greg Hemer – Treasurer, Co-Founder
Jodi Bailey – Director of Membership

Partnership Opportunities

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